I'm not asking simply for your ears...I want to get your gears turning - whether connecting an obscure punchline or examining a deeper societal issue - like a mechanic in reverse, I'm breaking it down.”

— Reverse Mechanic

Best Proposal Ever Album & video compilation Available NOW! 

"I cannot think for thoughts of you. My focus all has fled. Because my heart's on fire, and the smoke has filled my head." -Reverse Mechanic, Head In The Clouds, Best Proposal Ever 

In his most recent project, the biggest endeavor of his life, Reverse Mechanic throws himself all in with a single project to propose to the woman of his dreams. The passion, excitement, wonder, and love are distilled into 8 songs that were initially unveiled piece-by-piece to the woman who inspired them throughout a 12-hour extravaganza of ridiculous stunts and over the top gestures - (Think limo rides, a horse & carriage, rented out dance studio where they first met, surprise acoustic song unveiled live at their first date location, 300 flowers and 5,000 rose petals, a rented out theater for a private red carpet screening of a professionally produced and personalized movie, special gifts, etc.). A behind the scenes crew with a lead videographer took painstaking efforts to facilitate and document the day. The video and album was released publicly on May 21, 2020. You can find the video on YouTube, and the Album available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. and for physical purchase below.